Beauty tips for your hangover.

Hangovers are the worst, hopefully the night you had makes up for the lethargic feeling. If you're like me, looking in the mirror in the morning to see your hungover self in all of your glory just makes you feel worse. If you're a student, you'll most likely be going out during the week when you've got lectures or seminars the next day and therefore have to leave your house when all you feel like doing is cwtching up in bed with a cold drink. I'm hungover today, and trying to find something to write I decided to post a few of my beauty tips for looking the part when you don't feel it.

So here goes nothing...

1. Cold water and lots of it.

Not only does drinking water rehydrate you and relieve your hangover a little quicker, splashing your face with water or submerging it for a few seconds will wake you up a little, and reduce puffy-ness in the skin. Puffy-ness you may have acquired from a lack of sleep, lets say.

So when you wake up, before carrying on with your usual skin routine, fill your skin with icy water and splash your face a few times, concentrating around the eyes.

2. Extra moisturiser.

This kind of goes with the last point, you need to rehydrate your skin as well. Try applying one extra layer of moisturiser, just for kicks. It will help your skin look refreshed.

3. Who needs to spend all that effort washing your hair and blow-drying it.

Although it is preferable, sometimes when you're hungover you can't be arsed. Dry shampoo is a good solution here, spray it at the roots for that added oomph. Hair makes a huge difference to your look so don't leave out those few minutes of primping it just because your hungover. It will be worth it.

I use Batiste Blush Dry Shampoo, it has a lovely, awakening scent and it's the best dry shampoo i've tried.

4. Don't over do it.

It may be tempting to pile on the make up now but try to resist the urge. Everyone looks good with make up bbut when you apply too much, it starts to prove a bad idea. Try keeping your foundation light to let your skin breath and use shimmery eyeshadows, particularly in the tear duct, to brighten your eyes and bring your face to the light.

Short but sweet, I hope this helps. Lisa Eldridge did a video on make up ideas for when your hungover, that's definitely worth a watch aswell!

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  1. fine post

    I follow you. Follow me??

    1. Definitely, I tried to yesterday but I couldn't find your follower button! xo

  2. Love this post aha! I always drink lots of water soon as I get home from a nightout!

    1. I wish remembered to when I got in! Guess I just have to make up for it the next day haha xo

  3. Great post! I find a KFC always cures my hangover haha xx

  4. Great tips, will definitely try this out. I know your supposed to drink loads of water/sports drinks when you get home to help reduce a hangover but I never remember and always climb straight into bed!

    1. aha same! sports drinks probably wouldn't be the best cos they'd keep you up and the sugar won't keep you hydrated as long as water :/ Then again, when you've had a drink seems like the easiest time to get to sleep aha!