A Review of my (Very small.) Collection of Concealers.

I will start by mentioning I have very pale skin with rosy undertones and it seems that when brands are creating concealer shades, it slips their minds that people with my skin tone would require a little help covering blemishes!

It is hard enough to find a foundation that matches my extremely pale skin, but now that I have that defeated, I am on the look out for the perfect concealer. I'll be honest, I haven't found it yet. I've decided to give you a heads up on the concealers I have tried out so that you can save your money choosing something which is the right match for you, in coverage and consistency if not colour.

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer in 1 Fair. £3.99

I jumped on this bandwagon a few months back and I do admit that it is a good concealer, especially considering the price. My issue with this product is that it oxidises on my face very quickly and consequently I'm left with orange patches on my skin about 2 hours after application. Having said that, for an under eye concealer, I do really rate this! It covers blue tones brilliantly, has a long staying power and strangely doesn't oxidise on my unde reye area. Unfortunately, there isn't a brilliant shade selection, it doesn't enter the realms of very pale or even relatively deep. It is a drugstore concealer though, so it's kind of expected.

Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer in Porcelain. £24

If only we could return cosmetics in the United Kingdom like you can do in the US. I hate that I paid for this product, I think it's crap. It's far too dark for me, not porcelain as far as i'm concerned. It's very yellow toned, bordering on orange. The product itself is not creamy, its stiff and thick. You definitely can feel this sitting on the skin. I imagine it might be good for oily skin because this won't move on your face because of its texture. I hate this product, i'd never repurchase. I don't really even know why I haven't thrown it away. I guess i'm just hopeful that i'll somehow be able to get more than a swatch out of it.

Benefit Boing in Light. £16.50
Brilliant under eye concealer, I love this product! I don't really ever use it on my face so I can't give you a real perspective on that, Benefit is far too yellow toned for me in general so i've never even tried to use it on my face. But under eyes it's perfect, it doesn't crease, it doesn't oxidise, it just does the job and lasts a hell of a long time.

I really want to try a salmon toned concealer, that's on my to buy list! If you have any recommendations for concealers don't be shy, comment below!

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