Real Techniques: Best and Worst!

Real Techniques is a brand that is raved about on the internet but I don't know about you, but I never hear much about the cons of the brush line. Although I do think that the brand as a whole is brilliant there are some places, which, in my opinion falls short of par. So I thought I'd give you my thoughts on the best and the worst brushed they have to offer.

The clear winners...

Buffing Brush.
This brush gives the most flawless foundation application of any of my brushes, there isn't much else to say really. It's a truly brilliant brush.

Contour Brush
The perfect size brush, it doesn't pack on colour it gives a nice application and you can get a really neat contour due to the tapered fibers.

Domed Shadow Brush
This is my favourite eyeshadow brush bar none, its the perfect size to get definition on the crease, it packs on colour well. Due to the fact that it is synthetic it also is great for cream products and even flawlessly placed concealer.

The brushes that fall behind...

Pixel point eyeliner brush
Simply too big to be any use. It's not tapered enough to create a clean line either. Wah.

Base shadow brush
I don't find this to be useful for packing on a base colour, instead I use this for blending out edges and its not the greatest for that either.

Angled brush
Similarly to the eyeliner brush, I think this is too big. Neither is it dense enough to apply eyebrow powder well.

The one thing that I find about all the brushes that I dislike is the look, I think they look cheaper and like they aren't going to be as effective as they are. But maybe that's just me! What do you think?

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  1. The buffing brush is my favourite brush ever - it is truly amazing! I love the blusher brush for powder. Have you tried that one? I have heard great things about the deluxe crease brush but it is part of the starter set and I don't know if I want or need the other brushes in that set! Lovely review :)

    1. I haven't got that one yet. Theres a few brushes that I still want to get from the collection like the tapered blush brush. Too bad i'm on a spending hiatus! xo