Products I Regret Buying.

Sorry for the shoddy picture quality, the camera on my iphone has been playing up lately. Getting a new one soon hopefully though, so, yeah.. moving on.

So this post is gonna mention some products that I have bought which i've either been let down by or didn't work well with, obviously, these may be your favourites but everyone is different so hey ho, let's get started.

I'm going to go clockwise mentioning the products, starting with..

e.l.f Nail Polish in Desert Haze & White
I regret buying both of these polishes for the same reason. I have heard a few times on youtube and i've also experienced it with past orders, that e.l.f's swatches on their websites are not true to colour. But, I have never experienced quite so different a swatch can be to true life, than with these two. I had thought that Desert Haze was going to be similar to my favourite nail polish, Nails Inc George Street, just more brown rather than pink. It isn't. It's so dark, its a brown nail polish, not a nude. Wah! As for the white, it just isn't white, it's a baby pink. Enough said.

As for the formula, it's okay but you really do get what you pay for.

AVON Nail Experts Liquid Freeze
I needn't go into this, my review of the product says it all

MAC A Tartan Tale 6 Beauties Play It Cool Eyeshadow Palette
I am going to write a general blog about my thoughts on MAC eyeshadows so I won't go into too much detail. I regret buying this purely because the cost and the quality definitely don't match.

AVON Blush in Earthen Rose
I bought this because I had seen it used so many times on the Pixiwoo youtube tutorials and I have always, for some reason, imagined Samantha Chapman to have the same sort of skin colouring as I do. Pale with red undertones. But I just think this is far too dark for me, I just don't like how it looks and it's just not a good formula I don't think, it would be far better if it were more finely milled.

Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick in 0 Porcelain
This product is not so much a regret, because I do think it is a good product. It is just that I don't get nearly enough use out of it to justify the price of it. Strangely I didn't research this at all, I was just passing the Bobbi Brown concession and splurged. Plus it is just a weird thing to apply foundation from a stick as far as i'm concerned. I'm not really a fan. Having said that it is a creamy, well matched shade that provides good coverage. It does show dry skin badly though, so that's not great. I'm contested on the product.

Clean & Clear Morning Energy Skin Brightening Daily Facial Scrub
This would brighten up my skin just after use but then my skin would feel dull and lifeless a few hours later. It also broke me out like mad. I've reviewed this here..

Sigma E60 Large Shader Brush
I only have two of these because Sigma messed up the order and sent me two of the Paris brush kit's. I won't complain about that! But basically, these brushes don't pick up enough product as far as i'm concerned, as well as that they are just too big for my eyes, and I don't have particularly small eyes, so I imagine other people might feel the same. For me, nothing beats the MAC 239 for packing on colour, if you know of a decent dupe please let me know!!

Collection 2000 Cream Puff in Powder Puff 2
I have written my opinions on this product in this blog

e.l.f Studio Cream Blush in Temptress
I've wanted some of these for ages so when the 50% sale came around I crumble and bought two, one of which I cannot find,  in the shade Vixen and the other is the one pictured (Temptress), it's more of a Cream Bronzer to be honest. I love the texture of this, it's like playdough, so strange aha! But basically, its not a really good product when it comes to application, it blends unevenly and the colour is far too dark for me. It looks like i've gone all fake tan on my face. Not great - for me, obviously if you fake tan, you may like that. Plus the packaging broke which is just a bit of a piss take.

Do you have any big cosmetic regrets?

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