HOLY GRAIL: Boots Botanics Rosewater Toning Spritz

You may have heard about this stuff if you subscribe to Beauty Crush on youtube. I heard her mention in and then when I was given a 'double advantage points' coupon I thought why not give it a go. It cost me around £3 although I know that it usually is about £5, I'm not even sure why I got it cheap to be perfectly honest. But I won't complain.

For the past few weeks i've been using the Caudalie Beauty Elixir and to be honest I didn't see a miraculous difference in my skin, I kind of think I just kept using it because it was refreshing and is such a cult product. This on the other hand I really have felt a difference almost immediately.

Straight away after using it I feel like my skin has been given a pampering, as if I've used a deep cleansing mask. My skin feels noticeably softer, brighter and I feel like it's slowly evening out my skin tone. I'm so impressed with this I had to mention it.

It's so easy to use, you just spray it over your face and wipe it off with a little cotton and you're done.

With this and some of the products I received in this months Glossy Box I think i'm reevaluating how good my current skin routine is. This product, in my opinion is 10x as good as Caudalie's Beauty Elixir and at just a fraction of the price, it leaves me to wonder why this isn't the cult favourite.

Have you tried this?
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