e.l.f High Definition Powder review!

e.l.f High Definition Powder in all its MASSIVE packaged glory.

I bought this product with high hopes because I have read some quite good reviews on the product. It costs £6 (Or $6 in the US.), and considering it is from e.l.f, the price makes me think it is going to be exemplary. I know how strange this sounds but for me, if I bought something from NARS or any other high end brand that was £6 I wouldn't expect it to be shocking quality but I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't the best thing the brand has to offer. Where as, if I am buying from a brand like e.l.f I find myself expecting grand things for £6/.

A little silly, but I can't help it!

Anyway. When this arrived I was pretty pleased, you get a lot of product (You also get a chunky package, hmm. Not so great.) I also swatched a little of the power on my hand to get a feel for it and it was suprisingly finely milled and didn't come off cakey or white on my hand.

Although the product looks opaque white, it is really a translucent finishing powder.

I haven't actually used this on my own face yet, and unfortunately, I can't see it getting any use from me after using it on someone else.

I was doing my sisters make up with this and I don't know why but it just made her pores look huge - and they aren't normally so it isn't like shes just abnormal lol. It clings to the skin in a weird way and I don't think it is flattering at all.

Another for the "I regret buying this" box.

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