Bargain Beauty: Top 5!

Okay, so I have done a post along these lines before, but wheres the harm in more bargains.

I was checking my mail today I had a 'please review me' e-mail from trivago about a Seine river cruise I took a year ago today exactly and it made me a little nostalgic of my trip to Europe last summer. Given that this summer has been somewhat uneventful I have just started thinking about my plans for next summer. It's always the case that I have big ideas and then I leave it to late to actually carry them out! Not next summer. I've just semi-planned an inter railing trip and now know that the saving for it needs to start immediately - :(.

With that in mind, I have decided to pay a little homage to my favourite cheap beauty buys, since they're the kind of brands i'm going to be limited to in the coming months!

1. Barry M Dazzle Dusts £4.59

I have a few of these and I think they are amazing, on par with every other pigment i've used and they are only £4.59! Plus, the packaging is deceivingly large, you'll be surprised how far this little pot goes. My favourite by far is 59 Lilac, but then i'm a sucker for anything lilac!

2. MUA Eyeshadows £1

I will rave about these until there isn't any air left in my lungs, they are just amazing. I love shade 24! Such a beautiful burgundy and number 9 is one of my favourites also (The purple shown)!

3. Sleek Eyeshadow Palettes £7.99

There is a reason these palettes are so talked about and it is because of how much value for money they are! You will get 12 shadows for less than a tenner! Insane, it works out at about 66p each. With how great the formula is and a colour payoff to rival any other, why not?

4. Barry M Nail Paints £2.99

I've written about these before, they are just well pigmented colours, on trend and the formula of this polish is on par with brands such as O.P.I or Nails Inc as far as i'm concerned!

5. Natural Collection £1.99~

Any Natural Collection products I have tried have been quite frankly outstanding considering most of the are only £1.99 I own some eyeshadows, one or two of their Juicy Lips and a blush and i'm thoroughly happy with all of them! The only think I dislike - and I mean the only - is that the packaging is white, because i'm fussy!

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