A sample worth receiving: Nivea Soft Moisturiser!

I struggle to find a moisturiser that I feel is actually doing things for my skin. I get dry skin and since I was young I have used pretty much the same products to keep it looking smooth and feeling soft. Having said that , I am always experimenting with new moisturiser to see whether I can find something better. Moisturisers are one thing that I am not particularly snobby about, because I know the expensive brands often get it wrong just as often as cheaper brands.

Having said that I have found a moisturiser that is very good, and works at keeping my dry skin at bay. I say found, I was sent it with an order from ASOS as a sample. It's the Nivea Soft Moisturiser. It smells how I think a moisturiser should smell, subtle and clean. Its white, which for some reason ranks a little higher with me. I use the Clinique Dramatically Different Lotion and I love it but I hate that its yellow - I'm just fussy I guess.

I didn't want to write a post on this until I had used it for a good week/ two weeks. Now that I have I feel I ought to recommend it. It isn't often I receive samples that I actually end up buying the full size of so that says something about the quality of this product. Its thick enough to truly absorb into the skin and provide moisture, but it sinks in fast and is in no way greasy. 10/10.

Another great point is that when I went to purchase the full size I was shocked by how cheap it is. £3.01 at boots for 300ml! BARGAIN! Especially considering my current moisturiser is costing me around £17 for 50ml. I will definitely be switching it up with this.

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  1. Great post I got a sample of this too but haven't tried it yet. My skin is also dry so it's great to know it works xx

  2. I think highstreet brands like Nivea and Dove are soo underrated in the beauty blogging world. They're inexpensive and really effective, plus they're so easy to get hold of. I love high end skincare brands too, but always find myself going back to products by Nivea just because they work so well x