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I am in desperate need of some fashion for work and trying to find the sort of clothes that I would feel comfortable spending my 8.30-6 day in is not an easy feet. I've come to the point now where I think if I have to spend the majority of my time in work clothes, they should be nice! Pay day has just rolled around and so I'm planning to spend a whack in the next few weeks on some good investment pieces that will last! When I'm shopping for work I look for comfortable, professional and inter-changeable outfits. I hate wearing the same thing over and over! So after having a quick browse online here are six pieces I need to get in my life! I'm so fussy with clothes but I think I have found some really nice work appropriate separates here! My favourite has to be this Ted Baker Peplum Jumper, it is expensive but it's great quality and when you find something you like sometimes it's worth the extra bank notes, right? I love this New Look Wrap Top too, it's a basic for sure but the cut makes it look a little bit more interesting! 

I loathe spending money on clothes in all honesty but shoes are a different story! I love nude heels but mine are at the end of their lifespan so I found these beautiful pointed Zara Nude Heels, they aren't too expensive and they look stunning. I need a pale nude, for obvious reasons and I think these will be perfect! My job involves a lot of driving so I always keep a pair of flats in my bag and I want some new ones just because! These TOPSHOP Pointed Pumps are perfect and cheap! As for the pencil skirt and cotton blazer, they are just necessities to be honest!

What brands do you wear to work? I'd love some new shops to browse!
Sam xo
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  1. Nice picks! Love the peplum and the pencil skirt :)



    1. Thanks, I have them both now and they are amazing! x

  2. what a perfect wish list! Absolutely love the simplicity and chic-ness of all these pieces! x


    1. Same! I think the more simple the better when it comes to work and fashion! x