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My shade is in Dark

I am very particular about eyebrow makeup. I like my brows to be defined and neat but still look fairly natural. There are few make up pet-peeves I have greater than perfectly carved out brows. That technique for me should be reserved for transvestites! I have watched Shaaanxo on YouTube for years now and I've seen her use the E.L.F Eyebrow Kit many times, to the point where I wanted to try it for myself. If it can make her brows look that on point, why not? Doesn't hurt that there is now an E.L.F branch in Cardiff so I can just pop into town and pick their goodies up! I got this a while ago and while I don't dislike it, I pretty much only reach for it if I can't find my Charlotte Tilbury The Sophisticate Palette for some reason - this is what happens when you lose things as often as me! I enjoy the wax from this kit, it's quite well tinted so prodives hold and nice base to deepen up the colour of the brows but where this falls short for me is in the powder that accompanies it. The brow powder in this kit has pretty crappy pigmentation and I always find myself scrambling for another shadow to deepen up the arch of my brow. I think that the worth of this kit is completely dependent on personal preference and hair colour, if I liked natural brows or had lighter hair then this would be A-OK. But for now, I don't find myself reaching for it as much as I would like. Have you guys tried it?

Sam xo

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  1. This is my favourite brow kit! Iv tried many and hated them! I have black hair (not naturally) but have my brows a dark brown so this is perfect! Love your blog. X
    Emma | Everything Beauty

    1. Thanks Emma :) Glad you're enjoying the kit too! x