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You would think the fact that my dissertation is due in twenty-nine days would mean that I would learn to stop procrastinating, but no. Today I got a delivery from ASOS and it was these gorgeous House of Holland Classy Nude false nails and immediately decided to try them out. Let's just ignore the fact that I will be glued to a keyboard and it's a completely unnecessary extravagance for the time being. They come in a gorgeous, ready shaped claw style but given that I am not nearly cool enough to pull that off I just clipped the ends off and filed them down to a more practical shape. I personally can't pull off nails like that but if you can, all the best to you! Trying to type with these before I reshaped them was akin to punching the keys and hoping for the best!

These nails were such little effort it makes me wonder why I didn't give them a shot before! They feel very secure and look beautiful! I would say though I do feel a bit like a throwback to my younger days wearing false nails, but whatever, I'm sure I'll get used to them soon enough! I'm already planning on buying a few other designs. I love this design, so chic! At only £8ish on ASOS, they're a pretty decent alternative to a professional manicure and certainly far less faff that an at home one!

Thumbs up from me!
Sam xo

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