REVIEW | Nails Inc Gel Effect Polish in Porchester Square & Downtown.

Nails Inc Gel Effect Polish in Porchester Square and Downtown.

I go through phases with manicures. As you might have guessed due to the absence of Monday's Manicure posts, right now is one of my 'I literally cannot be arsed to spend 30 minutes doing nothing waiting for my flipping nails to dry' sort of phases. I look for a few things in a polish - unique colour, fast drying time, long lasting, shiny finish. I'm sure you know as well as I do that the majority of time you need to sacrifice one or more of those things for another. When you discover a polish that makes you happy you discover "this is a beautiful nude" and then it lasts 2 days... Joy.

Nails Inc polishes used to be among my favourites, their colours are always on point! But the original formula didn't last all too well and required a topcoat to look as polished as I like. Enter Nails Inc's Gel Effect polish. This ticks all of the boxes, the finish is flawless and glass like, the colour selection is pretty decent and the lasting power is second to none. They are a bit more pricey that I would like at £14 but you do get a lot of product, not to mention how beautiful they look of your stand of choice! The brush on these is fantastic too, provides a really easy application! Dare I say they might be the high-end rival of my beloved Barry M Gelly Nail Paint's, and we all know how amazing they are!

Samantha xo

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