Whats in my bag? | Night out edition.

On a night out I will keep my belongings to a complete minimum. My bag of choice will nine times out of ten be a clutch, so space is limited in any case. My current favourite bag is this faux leather clutch with a suedette panel through the middle - it's light, small enough to carry without causing a nuisance and allows me to carry the necessary makeup and night out essentials.
Obviously I take my ID (Still on my green card, hopefully I'll get a pink this year!), I usually take my student card for discounted entry and then keys and my bank card or money... for obvious reasons. Onto the good stuff.

I typically try to carry as little make up as possible just in case I lose my bag or something but there are a few bit I always carry. I never go out without my liquid eye liner - L'Oreal Super Liner- just in case. I rarely need it, in fact I never really do but since it's such an integral part of any make up look I carry it. Along those lines I always carry the lipstick I'm wearing that night. The last one I took out with me was the Maybelline Color Sensational in Hot Plum. Such a beautiful shade and it wears really well considering it doesn't dry out my lips at all!

Finally I'll throw in a concealer for touch ups, my concealer of choice at the moment in this 17 Stay Time in Extra Fair. Recently I have been finding my Collection lasting perfection is oxidising on my skin, and ain't nobody got time for that! Plus this 17 concealer is a perfect match to my super fair skin, it gives good coverage and doesn't move either. As an extra precaution I'll take my Maybelline Fit Me Powder and a small brush like the Real Techniques contour brush, just in case I get hot or shiny in a club!And that's about it! Hope you enjoyed this little What's in my bag? I know that I enjoy reading other peoples so that's why I posted my 2nd version of the tag :) Facebook - Twitter - Bloglovin - Pinterest  xo

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