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I thought that it might be quite interesting to write a more wordy post every so often, I love to write and I think sometimes, the same old posts get a little repetitive, don't you? Plus, it would be nice to see your guys' opinions on some things that swirl around in my mind.

One thing that comes up so often, and I think it is simply because of my unbridled affection for make up and make up art, is people asking me "...why do you wear make-up?" "You don't look that different without it." "I can't tell that much of a difference." My answer is always the same, I don't wear make up to hide the way I look, I wear it to enhance my features and in turn enhance my confidence. I'll also point out as kindly as possible that I wear make up generally for my own benefit and not for the benefit of onlookers. That's usually where I stop but there really is more to the story. When I was younger, I don't recall many occasions where my mother would wear make up, and my sister was never heavily into it either, so it calls to question where was my love borne from? I know the answer - my Nan.

I remember my Nan always wearing quite vibrant pink lipsticks and never being able to leave the house without a dash of rouge and some mascara. I remember her sitting at her dresser and the smell of her make up being so vivid. One of the more unfortunate things that I took from this growing up is that you need make up, it's only come with learning more about techniques on how to apply it and what is best for me that I have become comfortable to wear less than a full face to even walk to the corner shop! When I think about that, it does call into question how realistic my response that "it gives me confidence" is, because why should I need confidence to buy a pint of milk?

I do love that I began to be fascinated by make up at a relatively early age, one thing I regret is that there was no one there to teach me how it should be worn and basically how not to look like a clown hooker. It was the case that when I was younger that it suiting me wasn't really the concern, it was just if I could source it and chuck it on my face. My mentality towards the way I wear make up has changed thankfully, and I really do have a love for it now. It's a very strange thing, to put powder and fluid on your face, but I think it's artistic and to be honest one of the only creative outlets that I have... I'm not the most colourful and out there crayon in the box aha!

I wear make up now to express my mood, to show my identity and also in some part to make myself feel less judged by strangers and the people around me. That last bit I'm sure is an age thing, but I don't really mind it to be honest, that's sort of my identity in myself - I want to be viewed a certain way so I dress myself a certain way, I speak a certain way, I engage in certain activities and I wear my make up how I do.

This got to a ramble very quickly but I do still think that I got a point or two across about "Why I wear make up.", have you ever thought about why you do? Let me know in the comments...

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  1. Lovely post dear :)

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  2. I think it's wonderful that you have those memories of your nan. For myself, I wear makeup for confidence - and you're right, I don't need confidence to go out and buy milk - but I feel like makeup brings out a stronger, more confident side of myself that I kept hidden for a long time.

  3. very interesting :) I think I wear it for similar reasons you do- for confidence, and also just because it's fun!

  4. I'm similar - but I know many of my friends who wear it to cover up or out of need. kind of funny that only women do it!

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