HAUL | Clarins, Soap & Glory & more.

Ahem, so, I went to get cough syrup earlier. No seriously, that's all I went for. Ended up with all of these goodies, I don't feel too bad though, I had a bursary come through today so £50 didn't really hurt my bank account that much. We can just ignore that I'm going to raid York's CCO next week whilst on a mini break.

So I popped into boots and got a few essentials, Dove Original Deodorant in the new compressed packaging and a mahoosive can of Tresemme Freeze Hold Hairspray. I really like the fact that they have made the bottle smaller on my favourite deoderant, now I can take a deodorant around with me in my handbag and not have to purchase those useless travel sized ones! Well done Unilever.

The final thing that I got from Boots was this Blistex Relief Cream. My lips have gone crazy chapped, they always do when I have a cold, and it was double points when you bought this so I thought it'd be worth a try. After about 5 minutes of wear I can already tell that this is 10x better than the Blistex Intensive Moisture.

And last but certainly not least. Most really, most luxurious, most expensive and most impulsive of all of my buys today is the Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch primer. It wasn't too bad, £22.50 with student discount so I don't really feel all too guilty but nonetheless, I didn't need it. I'm excited to have it in my collection and can't wait to give it a go! Once I've tried it a few times I'll write a review for you guys!

And that's it for my impulsive shopping today! Thanks for reading! Have you tried any of these products?

Seize the Beautiful xo


  1. I love the S&G Clean On Me! great haul :)



  2. Great picks dear! I am in-love with the Soap&Glory wash, it's my absolute favorite! <33 Please let me know how you like it when you try it! :))


  3. I've tried soap and glory clean on me but the blistex is something I have to get, I always get chapped lips so this is on the must get list :) great reviews x

  4. Haha, that's definitely happened to me- going to the drug store to by something practical and coming home instead with some other goodies :) That Clarins primer looks great!