TAG | 10 Day Challenge. #5

I'll start from the right and go across, I'm sure you can reason which one is which! I have actually written a post about all the places I want to travel to called My Travel Bucket List! it's from a while ago, but if you're interested there you are!

Just want to say, if you're from any of these places, and it's not right on the map, I tried my best aha!

#1 Toronto, Canada. 
I love Canada, I've been to Victoria and Vancouver and they were just amazing. The people were beautiful and so were the surroundings. It's definitely left an impact on me and I will go back one day!

#2 Sopot, Poland. 
It just looks beautiful, I want to go to a lot of places in Poland for more cultural reasons, but I thought this was a more interesting answer!

#3 Saint Petersburg, Russia.
I love the idea of going to Russia and I think that Saint Petersburg is just the right mix of beautiful sights and historical interest for me!

#4 Athens, Greece.
Since I was young Grecian stories fascinated me, my favourite Disney film was always Hercules and I just love their history. Seems like a beautiful place.

#5 Cape Town, South Africa.
It's South Africa, don't really have anything more to say aha.

#6 Madagascar.
I just think it would be a gorgeous place to visit, and the lemurs are so cute!

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Seize the Beautiful xo


  1. Nice post. I plan to travel a lot more this year!

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  3. (I wrote the wrong comment above thats why I removed it haha)

    I meant to say...You definitely should go to Cape Town!!! Not only because thats where I am from, but because it is BEAUTIFUL!!!

    Let me know if you ever go I'd love to give you some places to visit

    1. That's so nice, I definitely will! Think it's gonna be a while off though, student budget doesn't give me much choice on travelling! xo