REVIEW | Simple Kind to Skin Deep Cleansing Face Mask

If you're a regular reader of my blog, you will have seen my recent collective haul including this product. This is the - deep breath - Simple Kind to Skin Deep Cleansing Face Mask - mouthful! I've used it a couple of times, more than it suggests for someone of my skin type but whatever, I'm keen.

I really need a clarifying routine at the moment to try and help pass my bad skin and since this was pretty cheap - £3.99 to be exact - and available at Boots I thought I'd give it a go. The texture is the first thing that caught me, it's quite odd, inbetween a clay and a lotion and because of this it's quite annoying to try to apply it evenly, but whatever, that's not the important thing is it!

Weird texture!

One thing I do like about this is the smell, it reminds me of my Mam's skincare, like clean moisturiser, if you get what I mean? As for how this works, it's average. I don't feel like my skin has been transformed but it does make the skin noticeably softer, which is always nice. It's enjoyable to use, and I'll use this tube of product up but it's not likely to be a repurchase. For the price, I'm quite happy but I think I'm still going to have to invest in a decent face mask. If you have any recommendations then please let me know in the comments!

In case you're interested, you can buy this product here.

Hope you enjoyed the review!

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  1. I love Simple products, haven't tried this one though!

    great review :)


  2. Nice review. I love Bellaboo Smoothie Face Mask it works great!

  3. nice and helpful tips! ^___^

  4. I've used this before and was always quite satisfied with just having a softer face haha.

    I really like Origins Clear Improvement Mask, but it is a bit pricey.

    Emma xx

    1. That's one that really intrigues me, gonna have to find a way to get a sample somehow! xo