TAG | 10 Day Challenge. #1

I've decided to do this 10 Day Tag, I think it's quite interesting and it'll let you guys get to know me a little more.

So here is day one - 10 Secrets. None of these are deep and dark, I don't think I keep many secrets. I decided to instead tell you things not many people know about me.

#1 I really want to go to Madagascar, it seems like it will be one of the most beautiful places in the world.
#2 I hate being in hospitals, I always wear a scarf when I have to go to cover my nose and mouth because the smell is unbearable. I've had so many nurses look at me funny for that, aha!
#3 I've been single for nearing 7 years, and I like it that way.
#4 I've never met my father's father.
#5 I'm glad I didn't make the grades for my first choice university, in retrospect.
#6 I have an affinity for old school hip hop, does seem strange to some people.
#7 I don't think I'll ever be able to learn to drive, I'm too anxious!
#8 When I'm upset or feeling melancholic I read Letters I'll Never Send, it's not like peoples problems cheer me up, it's more that it brings me down to earth about my mediocre problems!
#9 That makes me feel selfish!
#10 I have a lot of plans to move after university, but I still hope I settle down in Wales.

Hope you enjoyed this post, stay tuned for the rest of the 10 Day Challenge! Oh, and don't forget to enter my GIVEAWAY, get some free goodies!

Seize the Beautiful xo


  1. Hey Sam. I used to think I never could drive, I cried in a few of my lessons with frustration too! (cant believe Im admitting this online). Honestly if you find a good teacher YOU can drive. It will change your life I promise.

    Mel x