REVIEW | Sally Hansen Mega Shine.

Decided to do a quick post on the Sally Hansen Mega Shine Top Coat as i've just given it a first go. 

         One thing I have to say is that I hate the bottle, I think it looks alot cheaper and tacky'er than necessary! I am fussy with packaging though, I like it plain.

It was really hard to pick up on camera just how glossy the finish is, you can kind of see in this, but its far better in real life.

Although I used a very glossy finish nail varnish to begin with I can definitely see where bloggers are coming from with the rave reviews. Its very glossy and provides an almost mirror like finish! The brush shape is brilliant and you only need one swipe for the whole nail, although you do need to be careful as it picks up a hell of a lot of product due to its size. What I was quite surprised with is how fast it dried, it claims 60 seconds and for once I think a company meant it! I really like this product and I can see it lasting a long time.   

I would repurchase this, I do want to try out Seche Vite next though.

Have you tried this out? Do you want to?

Seize the Beautiful xo


  1. I love Sally Hansen nail products and treatments, love the shine it gives x

  2. Nice review. I love Sally Hansen products!

  3. I tried Mega Shine a few years ago and I was quite impressed with it xx