Pale Beauty: Top 5!

So I've been doing some 'filler' posts lately, uni has been hectic but nonetheless! Heres a post for fairer skin tones, 5 techniques or products that I have found to bring out the best in my pale skin. Obviously, most of these give general advice for all skin tones, but the products I mention will be more tailored to light skin.

1. Contour isn't just for cheeks.

This is a must, if you have the typical bright eyes that most fairer skin tones are accompanied by then you will make the colour stand out 10x stronger with a well defined eye. This can help to bring your features out rather than make you look a bit white washed.

What I find is best for definition is a taupe eye shadow through the crease, it looks natural if applied with a light hand and you don't find yourself feeling washed out by those pretty but warm brown colours because it's a very cool tone. I'd recommend Tease from Urban Decay.

2. Be lax with your blush.

I'd say generally paler skins have cool undertones. If like me you have red undertones then a blusher isn't always the best way forward. Try to choose muted colours such as NARS Sin or Liberty. And espeically if like me you're prone to a natural flush of colour, you might want to leave blush out altogether, you don't need to add on top of something which is already naturally there. You'll increase the likely-hood of clown cheeks!

3. An ashy contour.

I've tried many contour powders, and like most other make up products, they tend to be on the orange side of things. Not great for anyone really, even less so when you're working with a pale base! I'd recommend contouring as a start to anyone who's pale because it gives the face a little more dimension and even when it's ashy it stops the face from being washed out and making you look a little worse for wear.

I'd recommend something like Chanel Sculpting Powder in Notorious or for a cheaper alternative, perhaps NYX Blush in Taupe.

4. Don't go too light with the brows!

Anne Hathaway - stunning!

Obviously, if you're blonde, don't go for a dark brown brow. Just keep in mind that well defined, filled brows with the right shape give a good frame to your face and can bring out your features. I won't recommend any colours obviously because you'll need to get matched, I can recommend Illamasqua Brow Cake though, my holy grail product for brows!

5. Striking lips

Love this visual!

This is a given, it just makes your lips stand out as well as bringing focus to your eyes alot of the time. Some of my favourites are Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Rendevous, 17 Gloss Lipstick in Pink Pout and MAC Impassioned.

Hope this helped! If you've got any other tips, send them my way!
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Seize the Beautiful xo


  1. great post, love the bright lip atm an I've got super pale skin xxxx

  2. Great post! I love contouring my nose bridge too. :)

    xo - Sheila

    1. I'm sure the products would be great for that too! Thanks for the lovely comment xo

  3. I'm fair as well, and I've always really loved a vibrant pop of colour on the lips. The Burberry pic you have to demonstrate this is beautiful! And thanks for the contouring tips :)


    1. No worries! I know, it's such an amazing visual, but then again aren't all of Burberry's visuals stunning! xo