Friday Favourites!

That time of week again!

Favourite Lip
I've really been liking this shade this week and the formula of this product is growing on me too. They're really easy to apply and last a decent amount of time without fading, I also really like how moisturising they are on my lips! Only one downside is the smell, yucky! I wrote a review on these a couple of weeks back, you can check that out here.
Favourite Luxury

Smells exactly like a moisturiser should, and it's a Body Shop Body Butter so you know its moisturising. For some reason this particular scent just makes me feel like i'm at a spa. It's amazing!

Favourite Trend

Baroque is an up and coming trend for AW12 and I am fully on board, I've got my eye on a few pieces already, I'll be making a Baroque wishlist in one of my next few posts so look out for that! I love how regal and elegant it looks whilst still being quite a unique strong look!

Favourite Giggle

End this post on a hilarious note shall we? I can't believe it took me this long to see this, possibly the best video on youtube.

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