August Favourites!

Film and TV

Russel Brand: From Addiction to Recovery

I really enjoyed this, its definitely a different take on addiction that i've ever been witness to. Changed my views on drug addicts a little. It's worth a watch, and you can do that here.

Hart of Dixie

This is so addictive, a great watch!

Soul Surfer

Since this film came out I have actively avoided it, I just assumed that it wouldn't be something that was my cup of tea but I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed it! Honestly, I watched it because there was nothing else on but I am really glad that I did because it's a very inspiring and motivational film - surprisingly! What I had expected to see when putting this on was a sort of sob story - granted it would have been acceptable if it was given what happened to this girl - but it was nothing like that.

After watching this I really got motivated to do things and try harder, it's really made me wonder why I don't make more of an effort! I really would recommend this, really good film right here!

Celebrity style

Following on from my favourite TV show, here come the star of it in my favourite celebrity style!

Rachel Bilson

She dresses beautifully, that's really all there is to say!

Katie Holmes

Although I don't really rate her for much else, I really do like Katie Holmes' style. I'm a far of classic cuts, i'm never to daring and Katie Holmes' fashion sense seems similar to mine, way more chic though!


You lovely bloggers.

I've gotten way more into blogging this month and that includes reading more blogs and networking a little more!


Mango Ribbed Detail Loose Fit Jumper £22.99

So comfortable and versatile and although you could definitely get a similar product for cheaper, the quality is lovely and I don't mind having paid £23, it's not that bad really!

Topshop bracelets!

Rose Gold Skull Bangle £7.50
Other two Topshop bracelets : Presents.

I picked this bangle up on my trip to Scotland and i'm in love with it, as well as that the other two bracelets were well received presents from my sister! So gorgeous :)


YSL Le Teint Touch Eclat BR10

I've written a review on this so I won't go into to much detail, it's just liquid perfection! If you'd like to read that review then you can here.

 Urban Decay Toasted from the NAKED palette.
I never really touch the darker end of my NAKED Palette but I decided to try Toasted for the first time this month. I'm in love. The pink undertones mean that it is matched perfectly to my skins undertones. Finally, a dark brown I can wear without looking like a panda!

And though i'm absolutely certain you'll have seen it before, here's what the NAKED Palette looks like!

Worthwhile investment I say!

Kryolan Satin Powder in SP 333

This came in my July Glossybox and I love it as an inner corner highlight. Its not as vivid as the picture suggests, it blends out to a nice champagne coral colour, it really makes my blue eyes pop. Loving this!


Really gotten back into the music of my (fathers) youth. My dad's music taste has had a huge influence on me! So yeah, old school for this month.

Johnny Cash - A Boy Named Sue

Andy Williams - Music to Watch the Girls Go By.


The Persian Babe - check her out!

Last but not least...

Okay, this next thing is a bit random for favourites but I wanted to mention it because it has been a sort of favourite of mine this month! And that is, learning German.

I've finally gotten round to starting to learn German, I've wanted to forever, I just never bit the bullet. Germany holds a special place in my heart, I've been there many times since I was very young because my family were stationed there with the British Army and I absolutely love it! It's going slowly because i'm teaching myself to start with but it's going well!

I'm using the BBC Languages starter course if anyone is interested in giving it a looksee, it's doing me well so far!

Heidelberg - can't wait to travel around Germany next summer, eee!

Neuschwanstein Castle - Stuff of fairy tales!

What have your August favourites been?
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Seize the Beautiful xo


  1. Everything is great! Thank you for the link to the Russel Brand special - I am a fan of his and will definitely check this out.