Sigma haul: What I got and swatches!

So, on my birthday (6/July), I bought a few things from Sigma and they finally arrived at the start of the week. I was a little annoyed given that I had already paid $24 for shipping and handling to sigma and then Royal Mail and HMS Customs decided to withhold it from me until I paid a £17.30 handling charge. 
However, i'm not that bothered really because even with the extra handling charge it works out at about £5 cheaper than if I had bought it over here. I won't even get into how ridiculous that is!

So what did I get? 

Well, I bought two things, the first is the Sigma Paris palette which I have been after for ages! And the second is this set of two brushes (F82, F84). Rather than writing a review on the palette I thought i'd just show you it in swatches, it's been endlessly reviewed elsewhere! 

I don't know if you will have ordered from Sigma before, but if you have you'll know that they usually throw in a freebie. What I've always received was a free travel size brush, both times being the E25 blending brush - Amazing by the way. What I was super happy with was that this time they sent me three sample eyeshadows, and they are pretty beautiful I have to say.

In this sample palette I got Reveal, Act and Oversee, each one is from a different palette that they sell. If you have read my top 10 eyeshadows then you'll understand how excited I was to see Reveal, its a perfect dupe for Copperish by MAC.

These shadows are really lovely and overall it's a pretty welcomed sample!

Swatched on bare skin, from L to R: Reveal, Act, Oversee.

Onto what I purchased...

This beauty is the Sigma Paris Limited Edition palette. I really liked the concept of this palette, I've been to Paris a fair few times and I have a love/ hate relationship with it but this palette I definitely love. I loved that the eyeshadow colours were bespoke choices from youtube beauty guru's. How kind of Sigma to give them that opportunity! And what amazing colours they made!

Really strong colours that - If you know the monuments, I think you'll agree,-do translate to the feel of the places. Well, apart from Seine, it's not musky and green enough aha. Still a gorgeous colour!

Eiffel, Seine, Louvre, Orsay, Élysées, Notre Dame, Triomphe, Versailles.

Rouge, Peche, Lumiere.

I had already decided that Notre Dame was going to be my hands down favourite before I swatched the palette, but I was wrong, Seine is just so unique and strong, I love that!

I played around a little and created this looks just to show you how versatile the shades are and how you can get your moneys worth.

A daytime look using Versailles, Notre Dame, Élysées.

A dramatic night look using Versailles, Eiffel and Seine.

And last but not least!

These brushes were on sale as a set for $22 which I thought was worth it. I bought them to try and find an alternative to the Real Techniques Buffing Brush (I love it, but I wanted a new one and I didn't want to have to buy the whole core collection again.) The dupe was meant to be the F82 Round Top Kabuki - it's so but better. More dense and gives a more perfected look if that is even possible. I have yet to use the F84 but I do have high hopes for it!

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