REVIEW | Gerard Cosmetics Slay All Day Setting Spray

Gerard Cosmetics Slay All Day Setting Spray in Green Tea

The Slay All Day setting spray from Gerard Cosmetics is hardly new now but it has taken me this long to comment on it because honestly, I have mixed feelings. The name is catchy, the packaging drew me in and I was excited by the prospect of a Green Tea scent to wake me up in the morning. Now, I have used a number of these sort of things in the past and to be honest, I have never noticed a drastic difference in the wear time of my make up. With this particular setting spray I enjoy using it to settle down powders, which it does well but I don't see any longevity on my wear time and there are a few other things about this setting spray that don't make me run to buy another bottle.

The spray itself is both chunky and misting, it's odd. Perhaps I have a faulty pump but I find that I need to go over my makeup with a beauty sponge to make sure the liquid itself is properly distributed. Rather than being cooling as I initially hoped the sensation is a bit harsher than any other sprays I have used and the scent it very strong which makes me think that it probably isn't doing great things for my skin. Don't get me wrong, this does the job but I think it is a little more focused on being a product made to photograph and get likes on instagram than one which is going to revolutionise your makeup routine. I'm not sure I'll be repurchasing this one - I much prefer my Boots Botanicals Rose Water Spritz!

Sam xo
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