REVIEW | Kiss Cosmetics Volumetric Lust Mascara.

Two coats - not bad! Kiss Cosmetics Volumetric Lust Mascara* is out on the 10th for £9 at :)

It's been a while - I have a broken laptop to thank for that - but I'm back with a review of a fairly new brand and a pretty much sneak peak product. Kiss Cosmetics have been floating around for a little while now across the internet and I was really interested by their marketing before the brand launched, they managed to create a whole community around research for products on their Facebook page and it really struck a cord with me! I love when brands actually connect with customers and from the get go I was behind them! Anyway, back to this mascara.

I've said a thousand times on my blog that I'm never really that bothered when it comes to which mascara to use because I have fairly long natural lashes, but that's not to say I don't know what I want from a good coat. I was actually quite pleasantly surprised by this formula, when I read the brief and saw the brush I expected a bog standard mascara but the length this baby gives is on par with my YSL Babydoll. The formula is actually really thin which is quite unusual. You can layer and layer this and it doesn't get spidery but what I find best about this is it's kind of a day to night because with one layer you get beautiful, long, black fluttery lashes but keep going and you can really get a false dramatic look. Supposedly it provides actual treatment to the lashes too, I've not had it long enough to know that but we will see. This has my thumbs up, the only thing I am a little weary of is that the formula is very easy to remove so it might be a pain when I have a bad sensitive eye day but as of now I'm really enjoying it.

Well done Kiss! Start as you mean to go on!

Sam xo
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