HAUL | Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick w/ swatches.

Vampira, Prayer and Wolvesmouth.

When I heard that Kat Von D was relaunching her Studded Kiss Lipstick line with a new formula, new colours and new packaging I was incredibly excited. I managed to get my hand on a few shades, nothing particularly out there, just some beautifully rich autumnal tones. I wanted to share them with you and do some swatches because the shades do look quite a lot different to what I was expecting. And they didn't look so similar from the swatches I saw before purchasing them before you think I got 3 very similar shades! I still love them mind! I bought Vampira, Prayer and Wolvesmouth. The first two are velvety matte shades. Vampira is a very dark burgundy shade, it's incredibly smooth and pigmented so it applies incredibly! Prayer is a deep bricky-burgundy red. It's not as opaque as the other two so it takes a bit more effort but it's definitely worth it because it's a beautiful colour. The final colour I have to show you is Wolvesmouth, a deep metallic pink with blue undertones. It's my favourite and although it is metallic, it's not that obvious, it just adds some dimension.

Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in Vampira, Prayer and Wolvesmouth.

The formula of these is really creamy and easy to apply but given that they are velvety they do dry the lips out and you have to be wary of layering the product because if you don't blot between layers it can get a bit gross in that the product gathers into the drier parts of the lip. Another thing to keep in mind is that the packaging is shit. Yes, it looks cool but it's clunky and the lids are very secure so they do slip off easily. They are lovely though and I do want to order some of the more out there shades for the colder months! What I think I like most about these is that they don't stay the lips and stay when you need them to but also are easy to remove! Overall a really good few products! Thumbs up from me Miss Von D.

Sam xo
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  1. Those colors are sooo pretty. I'm not really sure which one I'll pick up! Thanks for the review, good to know they don't stain!! :)

    xx Sally-Jean from Antiques & Coffee
    Hope you stop by!! :)

    1. Wolvesmouth is a really beautiful one and easy to wear! x

  2. Ooh, love the look of these- so rich and vampy! Can't wait to see them as part of your makeup looks :)



    1. And I can't wait to get to wear them aha! x

  3. What stunning shades!!! So much want right now! ;)


    1. Aha, go for it! You can blame it entirely on me ;) x