The Weekly Edit #3

Just gotten round to finding time for the computer, I've traveled home today to stay with my parents for two or so weeks whilst I have absolutely nothing to do! Been a good day so far, went to Penarth pier - Which I have never been to, considering I have lived in Cardiff for 16 years of my life you'd think I'd know it's hotspots by now! - for a catch up with my best friend. Got some well needed chill time out and have gotten to see my parents which is nice! As for the rest of the past two weeks, I've been doing absolutely bugger all other than searching for a job and drinking in the sun, I can't say it has been that bad but hey ho!

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Seize the Beautiful xo


  1. Your brows are to die for :)

    1. Awh thank you that's so sweet! It's MAC Swiss Chocolate! xo

  2. Fun photos, as always! Your winged liner looks so perfect in the first shot and those drinks look so refreshing :)