REVIEW | MAC Quad w/ swatches.

This is my beloved MAC eye shadow quad, I didn't buy it with this arrangement I have just moved my four favourite MAC eye shadows from my 16 palette because I prefer the look of this. Plus it's more practical for travel.

In this palette I carry (Right to left clockwise.) Arena, Malt, Patina and Coppering. These aren't the cheapest eye shadows but I guess they were my make-up addict right of passage. They cost £10 for a pan, but are quite a good size and you don't need much to get the desired result.

 I will say, I don't think these are the best and most pigmented formula of eye shadow I have tried, but I do love them nonetheless. I find that MAC eye shadow formula is beautiful for everyday looks, where you don't want a striking packed on colour. They certainly are buildable and blend beautifully!

R to L: Coppering, Patina, Malt, Arena.

R to L: Arena, Malt, Patina, Coppering

As you can see, the transfer of colour isn't as high in pigment as the first picture would lead you to believe, nonetheless I really love this quad. Malt is in fact my favourite eye shadow! I also want to give kudos to MAC for the quad design, I love this look and think it's really far more practical to see the eye shadow than the 16 pan palette.

Do you have any favourite MAC shadows? What's filling your quad?

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  1. love patina, such a pretty colour :D

  2. You chose beautiful colors! I love malt!

  3. Hi, i have nominated you for the liebster award. Find out more info on my page and join in!

    Thanks :)

  4. Replies
    1. It's one of my favourite shadows, brings out the blue in my eyes like nothing else! xo

  5. I have Beauty Marked, Hepcat, Stars N Rockets, and Seedy Pearl. They make a really nice eyeshadow look!

    1. I love the look of Beauty Marked, I'm really into plum/purples on my eyes! Sounds like a beautiful look! xo

  6. Glad you're loving your MAC eye shadows so far! I feel they're definitely a right of passage for someone really getting into makeup- I'm proof of that, since I have waaaay too many! ;) I have Patina as well and it's such a versatile shade.